Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Audience Reasearch Analysis

For my audience research I created a questionnaire that included questions regarding social realism in general and the introduction to my own social realism film. I then handed these questionnaires out to twelve different people and asked them to fill them out so that I could get a better idea of my audience and what their thoughts and ideas were on the social realism genre and in particular the introduction to my own social realism film. Below is my analysis of my results.

1.) Are you male or female?

I gave my questionnaire out to the same amount of males and females as this way my questionnaire results are unbiased and give me a fair representation of my audience.

2.) How old are you?

I asked a variety of age groups to make my questionnaire fair and unbiased and to see if the social realism genre is specific to a certain age.

3.) How many films have you watched in the last month?

I asked this question to see on average how many films people watch per month. Most people answered 1 to 3 and so therefore I must make sure that my film is appealing enough to be watched by an audience that doesn’t watch films that often.

4.) How do you watch most of your films?

For this question 50% of people answered ‘cinema’, this tells me that my films should be released in cinemas as this is where most people watch their films and so therefore this is where my film will have more chance of being seen by not just my target audience but by a mass audience. However it’s unlikely my film will make it into cinemas and so therefore I should look at other options regarding where my film will be shown and where it will best reach my audience. The best options for this are ‘TV/DVD’ and ‘Internet’. The option ‘Internet’ could be successful as companies such as LoveFilm and MovieNow could distribute my film and my audience would be able to find out about my film by online advertising such as pop-ups and adverts on social networking sites.

5.) Who/What influences you to watch a film?

For this question the majority of people answered ‘friends’ or ‘trailer’, this tells me that my film will have to have a good trailer in order to secure an audience as well as be highly recommended by people’s friends and also possibly family.

6.) What do you understand by the term social realism?

For this question I got a variety of different answers including “I understand the term social realism to be a genre in which the story and plot are based on true life stories.” However the majority of people answered this question with the response that they had a basic understanding of social realism, one quote that shows this is “Social realism is based on the problems and issues we have to deal with in everyday life.”

7.) What definition of social realism do you identify with the closest?

Most people picked option A which tells me that the majority of people have a good, basic understanding of the social realism genre and that they know what it is and what it entails.

8.) Out of these films which have you seen?

I asked this question to get a basic understanding of what type of social realism films are popular and have been seen by a mass audience and which one’s haven’t. This question also gives me an idea of what themes and issues covered in social realism films are popular with an audience and which ones aren’t.

9.) Do you know any more social realism films, if yes state which ones?

For this question 10 out of the 12 people couldn’t think of any other social realism films they knew, while two other people both thought of several other films.

10.) What would you expect from a film with social realism content?

For this question all of the people who answered my questionnaire stated that they would expect a social realism film to deal with “...real life problems” and issues such as “...bullying”, “...domestic violence” and adultery.

11.) Does the social setting of the film affect the realism of the film? If yes, why?

When asked this question all twelve of the people who answered my questionnaire said yes, their reasons for this were that a social realism film dealing with hard hitting issues such as bullying and domestic violence wouldn’t seem realistic if set in a privileged social setting and that they would be able to relate more to the film and its characters if set in a normal social setting such as their own. However domestic violence does still happen in the upper classes as proved by the statistical data that 1 in 4 women will be domestically abused at some time in their life. This question has helped me as I will be able to use this information when it comes to planning the setting for my own social realism film intro.

12.) Have personal experiences in your life affected your perspective of social realism film? If yes, how?

For this question I got either one of two responses, ten of the people asked replied no while two replied yes. These two people then went onto explain that their perception of social realism film was that it is “...often not true to life” and is “...much more dramatic.”

13.) How do you feel about the topic in my introduction? (Domestic Violence.)

I got several different answers for this question, however the most common answer that I got was that it is a “...sensitive”, “...difficult” and hard-hitting topic that needs “ be dealt with carefully.” I will have to make sure I take this into consideration when making my introduction.

14.) What is your first opinion on my chosen topic?

Like the previous question I received several different answers, however most people thought the same and thought that it “is a good topic that should be covered” although it’s “... sensitive and needs to be done carefully.”

15.) Do you feel that domestic violence is a topic that should be covered? Why?

For this question 75% of people said ‘yes’ this tells me that my choice of topic is a good one and that people want to see a social realism film that deals with domestic violence. When asked why most people replied with the answer that they think awareness of domestic violence should be raised and making a social realism film about this is a good way to do it.

16.) Would you consider watching the rest of my film, if no why?

All the people I asked replied yes to this question, this makes me feel confident that my film would be successful if made.

17.) What other issues and themes would you like to see within a social realism film and why?

For this question I got several different answers that ranged from bullying, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. I asked this question as I wanted to have a back up idea for my film and also as I may be able to incorporate one of these themes and issues into my film itself.

18.) Do you think the media should do more to promote British social realism films?

I asked this question to round the questionnaire off and to get a better idea of how well people think the media are promoting British social realism films.

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